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Jessica+Justin Park Engagement Session.

In an effort to get as many of 2016’s sessions up before the year ends I find myself in a little cafe tucked away in one of Cartagena’s lively and colorful streets.  No worries, I’m not missing out on waves, sun and sand (I’m currently sporting a decent sunburn so the beach is off for me at the moment) or exploring the city.  I’m blogging while I wait for my friend’s flight to arrive at which point I know blogging will be completely off for the rest of the day.   So as the first of a series of posts before this year ends I share with you Jessica and Justin’s La Fayette Park session which took place on a perfect September afternoon in DC.

Photographing Jessica and Justin turned out to be an hour full of laughter. Justin is absolutely hilarious and has a joke tucked up his sleeve at any given moment, which is clear to see in how many of their photos have either Jess or Justin with a huge smile on their face.

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View More: & Justin, thank you for the opportunity of photographing this part of your love story! You two are adorable and it was a blast working with you both!

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